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Core Christianity

Sep 27, 2021

Episode 802 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Questions in this Episode

1. In Ezekiel 47:12, it makes it seem that we will need healing in the New Creation. What does this mean?

2. We had a mass shooting a couple of days ago at a Kroger in Tennessee. My oldest son was walking in right in front of the shooter and had no idea he was coming in behind him. By God’s grace he wasn’t shot first, but the man next to him was. My son is not a born again Christian yet. He knows everything mentally but he just hasn’t accepted Jesus yet. My question and request is for everyone listening to pray for him, that he is convicted on the HS doesn’t quit pestering him until he is saved. And also if you have any suggestions how to help him, not only with his counseling, but so that he will beloved in the next few days? Thanks so much I really appreciate you and your show.

3. Why did God “send” an evil spirit in 1 Samuel 16:14?

4. Matthew 6:14-15 makes it seem like our forgiveness is dependent upon us forgiving others. Is that the case?

5. I’m working my way through Leviticus chapter 16 and I’m wondering how to reconcile the commandment to abstain from eating blood with the similar restraint shown in Acts chapter 15? Should Christians refrain from eating blood in their food?

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