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Core Christianity

Dec 31, 2019

Episode 347 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Key questions answered in today's show:

1. In the parable of the wheat and the tares are the tares the same as the seed of the serpent?

2. Throughout the Bible, we are told to fear God. I’m thinking of Ecclesiastes 12:13, “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” What does it mean to fear God? And how does that fit with the command to love God?

3. What do you think Christians should really know about God?

4. I have heard you talk about how preaching the gospel is essential to a faithful church? Is this different from a pastor just preaching the word of God? How do I know if a pastor is preaching the gospel?

5. What is the key difference between a job and a calling? How does a Christian know if they are living out their calling?​