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Core Christianity

Mar 26, 2020

Episode 409 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Key questions answered in today's show:

1. If a church doesn’t practice baptism or communion how will this eternally affect a believer attending that church since baptism and communion are commands.

2. Can believers lose our salvation? Hebrews 10:24–29, Can you help me understand this? Is this speaking to a believer or to Jews?

3. I’m a committed believer but I’m not clear on what happens to people who worship in other religions and don’t accept Christ as their personal savior. Is it impossible for them to still be saved?

4. I can’t make sense of miracles. How do we account for miracles when science seems to teach that miracles don’t happen?


The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World by Michael Horton

The Future of Everything: Essential Truths About the End Times by William Boekestein

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