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Core Christianity

Dec 28, 2020

Episode 607 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.


Show Notes


1. When I remember bible verses, can I trust that that is God’s voice talking to me? Is that what the bible refers to as the “still small voice”?

2. Who made God?

3. After reading a parable that Jesus told in Luke 19:11-27, I found myself a little confused about what it means. What is Jesus wanting us to understand here?

4. I don’t know if you saw that movie Batman v. Superman that came out a few years ago, but in that movie, the villain, Lex Luthor, makes a comment about God. He says that God allows evil because he either doesn’t care, or is not powerful enough to stop it. I know this is a movie but this seems like a good point, especially when you think of senseless suffering, like with children dying. How would you answer Lex Luthor’s question?

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The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way by Michael Horton